Patti Labelle and Minnie Riperton

The first photo that I have seen of them together.


It was today, but 33 years ago, that Minnie Riperton passed away at 31, victim of a breast cancer that just took her life away.

We still have her music, her colors, her beauty. Minnie, you can rest in peace, your art remains -and will always- remain alive.

“The first pe…

“The first person that really reached out to me, who sadly isn’t with us anymore, is Minnie Riperton and her husband, Dick Rudolph. They were so kind to me. I can’t even tell you. They were so supportive and sort of took me under their wing. I don’t know why. They were just compassionate and kind. We would go out dancing together. It was right when Minnie was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she was still healthy. They really embraced me and I was very happy for that because I didn’t know anybody here in California. I was very lonely.”

Donna Summer,2003. Taken from her memoirs.

It’s been a tough year for the music universe. This week, another queen of the 20th Century has gone away.

The Queen of Disco, the one and only Donna Summer has passed away -way too young- at 63.

With one of the most powerful -yet birdlike- voices ever, she made the whole world stand up and dance.

She will be remembered as the mother of today’s music superstars. Her legacy will live forever.

Goodbye, rythm goddess.

i love this . . .


Love Maya Rudolph, love Minnie Riperton.




Miss Houston, you can finally rest in peace now. Your velvet voice and beauty will be with us forever.

You made history in the bussiness, your beautiful melismatic voice will now come from heaven.

Thanks, Whitney, for all those years of music, soul and love.