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Hi guys, well, as many of you know, I’m Chilean, and my country was recently a victim of one of the strongest earthquakes ever! So the “uploading process” of the media section will be postponed. Please, I beg you to keep your prayers to my country. Luckily, my family and I are ok, but many people is suffering a lot, they lost their houses, lost thir families and their friends.

Also, if you want to help, you can get info in the ambassadorship of your city, you can also get further information on how to help the victims in these links:

Google Crisis Response

SOS Children’s Villages

Global Giving


Habitat for Humanity

Operation USA



Save the Children

World Vision

Another way to help is via SMS:

To donate $10, text CHILE to:n(Only for Americans)

25383 (Habitat For Humanity)
20222 (World Vision)
50555 (Operation USA)
20222 (UNICEF)

That’s all, peace 🙂

PS: Please, also keep Haití on your prayers and help them too, even though our earthquake was more powerful, they have more damages.


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