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Hi guys! I downloaded the youtube parts of the Minnie documentary and I “sticked” them, so now you can download the entire documentary here…


It’s not HQ, but it’s not bad quality…

Enjoy it!!!

And remember to visit the forum!



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Forum Again!

Hi Minnie fans! I’m here to tell you that we have another forum and we really want to make it work!…
The URL is:


Start introducing yourself there, and then start sharing your pics, videos, and your love!! 🙂

Bye & Peace :D!

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Minnie Riperton Voice

Hi! I just wanted to write some facts about Minnie’s voice. It’s important for all of you -Minnie fans- to know how and why Minnie was such an amazing vocalist.

She is a natural soprano, that’s pretty obvious once you hear her speaking voice.

In choral music she’s a First Soprano

In bel canto, she’d be a Coloratura Soprano.

She’s also called Piccolo Soprano (Beacause of her ease on singing high notes –above C6– on an almost mechanical way, like a Piccolo)

On her recorded music, her voice spans a little more than 4 octaves (From D3 Close Your Eyes And Remember– to F#7Ruby Tuesday Live-).

Being clasically trained, she could use all of the voice registers (Low Chest Voice, Belted Chest Voice, Mixed Voice, Head Voice (Including Falsetto) and Whistle Register) and move with amazing ease between them.

She also had very amazing breathing techniques, her longest note is 25 Seconds! (And in Whistle Register!!) on her Adventures In Paradise song: Inside My Love.

She had a great diction… She could SPEAK in her Whistle Register! (I’m In Love Again, Here We Go, Oh By The Way….)

She could sing very VERY complicated vocal ornaments: Coloratura: to sing a secuence of notes very fast (Lovin’ You live @ Mike Douglas Show), Portamento: to sing a note, and move to a higher note (You Take My Breath Away)…

That’d be all!… If you want to know more, or want to have audio examples, email us!

Peace & Love!

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Happy New Year!

Hi Minnie Fans! The Perfect Angel Team wishes you a very very happy new year.
We hope that 2010 comes with a lot of good things for you, your family and your friends!
Remember, life is a beautiful travel that has to be full of surprises, good vibes and happiness…

Thanks for visiting our blog!

With affection…

The Minnie Riperton “Perfect Angel Blog” Team

George, Marleta & Panxo


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