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“I say to boys and girls that you’ve got to start thinking more about your bodies and minds and what you’re putting in them. Being in tune with your body is  foremost because you’re body tells you right away if something is wrong. If we listen to our bodies more and our hearts, I think we’ll be a lot happier people in whatever we do.”–Minnie Riperton

Source: Jet Magazine: May 17, 1977

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A Moment With Minnie . . .

” I love music; I love life. I really enjoy my life; I really do. I really feel like I’m lucky. I get to sing to you and feel such good vibes; I get to do what I do–I’m just very lucky I guess. I guess you can say I’m one of those kinds of person who would much rather look at the glass half full rather than half empty.”

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Hey Minnie fans!! We have a new Picasa album where I uploaded my entire Minnie picture collection! Feel free to enter and download them!

Enter Here!

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I took this Minnie quote from an interview on JET Magazine (IDK the date)…

“…I was a little kid and I’d hang out with musicians in their 20s and 30s, and we’d jam. I was like their little sister and they loved to see how far, vocally, I would go…”

Interesting! LOL

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Today would have been Minnie’s 62 birthday. We all know she passed away too young, and that’s very sad. However, we,the Minnie followers and fans around the world, continue to keep her music and legacy alive.

We are glad to be among the FEW (if not the ONLY) websites that share Minnie’s musical  legacy with the world.

Minnie, your music still lives in our hearts.

The Perfect Angel Staff 🙂

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