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The Gems Collection!

Hi again!!

As you know, the perfect angel team is here to share all of our Minnie Stuff with you…so…after many months collecting, searching, and downloading, here you have a little present:


It is a little song collection feauturing:

Happy New Love
I Can’t Help Myself
All Of It
He Makes Me Feel So Good
Ain’t That Loving Me
Can’t You Take A Hint
Love For Christmas

All of them sung by “The Gems”…

It also has a little amount of songs where the Gems are singing Backup for Etta James, Fontella Bass, Billy Stewart…


Download Link

Peace 🙂

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Support for marijuana is growing steadily even in conservative camps, and members of the entertainment industry (long viewed as liberal users of grass), have often spoken publicly of its virtues. Singer Minnie Riperton, who insists that marijuana helped her through a recent traumatic bout with cancer, is the most recent celebrity to add her voice to the growing chorus.

“I don’t consider marijuana a drug,” she says, sitting on the patio of her Hollywood office. “I have dabbled in smoking marijuana. In fact , when I was taking chemotherapy (because I had breast cancer), it was suggested that I try marijuana because it takes away the nausea caused by chemotherapy and it relaxes you.”

” They’re going to have to legalize marijuana one day. They haven’t been able to say what’s wrong with it yet. It’s also good for people who suffer from glaucoma and a few other diseases. They’ve got to legalize it. They’re just trying to figure out how to tax it and package it. most of the guys I work with smoke a little grass, but nobody drinks. I don’t drink. I may have a little Dom Perignon or some Bourgelais or some really nice wines, but I’m not really into alcohol.”

And if you think Minnie is outspoken on the topic of grass, just try asking her about her white husband. Her response is immediate and unhesitating: “He’s Jewish, and a Jew isn’t white in the South.”

According to Minnie, it was clearly a case of love at first sight. “When I fell in love with my husband, it was instant. When I saw him, I wanted him physically as well as mentally. I wanted to attract him. it was mutual, and we’ve been together ever since the night we met.” We met in Chicago more that 10 years ago. When I first saw him, I was seeing three different guys. I wasn’t having sex with each one of the guys. I saw each guy for a different reason. Obviously, there was something lacking in each one of them. They were all black, but I’ve gone with Japanese, African, Muslim, Indians. I’m into people.”

Minnie and her husband, Dick, lived together for three years and have been married for seven, and she admits there have been the predictable jabs at and criticisms of her choice of a white mate, but her reaction is beautiful: “Being subjected to people’s criticisms is one thing, but how could you pass up love? Love is stronger than criticism. Love is something you can’t pass on.”

“It doesn’t matter if the person has no arms or no legs or can’t hear or see. if you have a chance to love someone, you’d better grab it, whether  it’s two men or two women or a woman and a man. I am not the one to judge how it should be.”

” I feel close to God, but I certainly haven’t gotten a message from Him saying it’s wrong fro two men to live together or two women  or two men and one woman or whatever. It’s up to the individuals to work out. Love is very important.”

As strong as love is, however, it can still buckle under the pressure from family and in-laws. But Minnie is quick to point out that objections from both families did not fall along racial lines.

“Dicks parents thought that maybe, because we were so young it was a passing relationship. Both our parents thought that. Then, when we moved in together, my father was really outraged. My mother was hurt because she felt  that if this is what made me happy even though they would have never permitted it with my older sisters), then it was my choice. She wanted me to be happy. My father did too, but he didn’t want me to be used by any man. And it wouldn’t have mattered if  it had been a black guy. It would have been the same thing. i was his “baby” and I can understand that.”

“During that period we had to convince all of them that we knew what we were doing and that this was something that we couldn’t pass on. Not only were we physically attracted to each other, there was  just so much potential there between the two of us. He didn’t want to change me. I didn’t want to change him. He loved me the way he found me. We were young and we wanted to grow together. Marriage wasn’t the foremost thing in our minds then. We just wanted to be together and experience and share what was happening in our lives then.”

Minnie’s interracial marriage comes as no surprise once you learn of her own multicultural background. I’m not only African-American. My grandfather was a famous Crow Indian by the name of Blackfoot who was an herbologist. My mother’s family is South African,  Malaysian, Jewish, and Italian. Part of my father’s family is from West Africa.”

“When I was a child it was never a case of  ‘the black man this’ or ‘the white man that.’ My grandmother was a very Caucasian-looking person and so are all her sisters. If you saw them, you’d never know they were black because they have blue eyes and reddish-blond hair. So I could never hate ‘whitey’ or Blacks because I’m too many kinds of people myself. I would be a hypocrite, and I’d be contradicting myself.”

-Walter Burrell

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Hi Minnie Riperton & Rn’B lovers :D…I’m here to show and share with you our new Perfect Angel super-duper banner.
It’s not like “VERY BEAUTIFUL” but it’s not ugly…LOL…

That’s the pic, and you should put it on your websites so we can be well-known in the internet, and more people can know about Minnie’s life & music…Here is the code, simply copy and paste it anywhere on your web, blog, etc…

<a href=”https://minnieriperton.wordpress.com/”><img src=”http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/5589/banneror.jpg&#8221; align=”center” /></a>

That’s all folks! Peace 🙂

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Hey! If you are a Minnie fan, and you have things to share, please send an e-mail to perfectangelblog@gmail.com to share them with us, so we can publish them here.

Also, if you want to be a writer, send us a mail and you will be albe to join the writer staff here..


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minnielovinyouminnie-19781elaine and rhona with pic of Minnie

Minnie and Dick acting sillyMinnie at Issac Sutton's party 1New Picture (1)minnie-r-and-pam-g

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As a longtime Minnie Riperton admirer, I am delighted to join the “Perfect Angel” writing staff. Over the coming weeks, it is my intention to post many of the items that comprise my 198 page, Minnie Riperton scrapbook. I look forward to sharing my photos and memories with you from my 30 plus years of Minnie Riperton memorabilia collecting.


George T. Gates, Jr.

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